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Managing a farm

Farming systems


Agroforestry combines agricultural and forestry practices to improve environmental quality, productivity and economic returns.

Small farms

Information on running a one- to 40-acre farm


Farm safety

Stress management, extreme weather, equipment, livestock

Growing safe food

On-farm food safety, GAPs audits, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)


Three large borwon hens pecking on a lawn.

Avian flu never left the United States in 2022 like it did in 2015. So it’s likely that by the end of March, Minnesota will again start to see the virus affect chickens, turkeys and wild waterfowl.

Joe Armstrong in barn overalls holds heifer while talking with Rodrigo in barn

With a variety of skills and experience, often hard-won through working for others, Latinos look for ways to lower barriers to ownership.

A polka dotted and brightly colored spotted lanternfly.

Early detection of invasive species can make a big difference to the success of early management efforts. Though not seen in Minnesota yet, this insect has been spotted in Iowa and could be headed here.

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