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We depend on clean water for drinking, recreation and irrigation. Fish and wildlife also depend on clean water. In Minnesota, fishing, hunting and water-based recreation are an important part of our economy. As water quality declines, so can the value of property surrounding a body of water.

Agriculture and water

Agricultural drainage

Planning and design strategies for agricultural drainage systems, calculators, and regulations.

Crops and flooding

Learn more about dealing with flooded fields for different crop types.


Learn about irrigation scheduling, monitoring soil moisture and water quality.

Livestock and water

Livestock and manure can affect water quality. Learn more about managing livestock and manure responsibly to avoid negative impacts on your watershed.

Nutrients and water quality

Learn how nutrient applications in crop production can affect water quality.

Soil and water

Soil health has many connections to water. Learn more about the basics of soil health and tillage.

Lakes and wetlands


Aquatic invasive species and other threats to water quality

Shoreland properties

Preventing erosion, maintaining septic systems, preserving natural landscapes


Wetland preservation, habitat for animals, flood control, water quality

Urban stormwater

Education for stormwater professionals and communities

The stormwater education program promotes environmentally sound water resources management and policy implementation.

Rain gardens to capture stormwater runoff

Rain gardens capture storm water runoff and allow it to soak into the ground. They remove pollutants, prevent erosion and prevent contaminated water from reaching surface waters.

Stormwater practices and maintenance core course

Research-based stormwater curriculum for stormwater managers and educators

Water and tribal nations

Water and land stewardship

Learn about water stewardship for people in Native lands with historical perspectives and practical information.

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