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Left to right: Jim Salfer, Extension dairy educator; Joleen Hadrich, Extension dairy economist; and Roger Roerick, dairy producer in Swanville, Minn.

Minnesota dairy in 50 years

The pace of change is high in consumer demands, climate, genetics, robotics and other technology. Business models are changing too, and not only toward larger herds. Some dairy farmers will want to stay small and competitive.

There is no reason to believe the next 50 years will be less dramatic for the dairy industry than the past 50 years. Read how changes could affect Minnesota dairy in The dairy industry in 50 years.

“No one really knows for sure how the dairy industry will evolve, but Extension will be there for dairy farmers, analyzing technology and trends, and doing the research on campus and with farmers on real working farms that helps them make the best decisions.”

–Jim Salfer,
Extension Dairy educator

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