Trees and shrubs

Find advice on selecting and caring for trees and shrubs for your home landscape. 

Evergreen trees and shrubs

Evergreens keep their leaves or needles throughout the year and can act as windbreaks and provide shelter for animals.

Evergreens can be conifers (cone-bearing, needle-like foliage) such as pine, spruce, juniper or arborvitae. They can also be broadleaf (leaf-like foliage) such as boxwood and rhododendron. 


Deciduous shrubs

Deciduous shrubs lose their leaves in fall and can provide color, texture and interest to your yard.


Deciduous trees

Trees provide shade, animal habit, color and beauty to the home landscape. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall. Select the right tree for your yard, garden or boulevard.


Keeping trees and shrubs healthy

Hiring a tree care professional - Finding and hiring a professional arborist can help you diagnose problems and get professional care for your landscape trees.

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