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Tree selection and care

Close up of green understory plants in a pine woodland.
A long, blue forest tent caterpillar eatinga tree leaf.
Young tree with a green water collector around the base in a circle of mulch.

Trees are a big investment in money, space and time, so you want to make sure you are caring for them right.

Whether searching for guidance on planting the right tree for your situation, finding the right professional for the big jobs, or protecting your trees from harmful pests, Extension experts in forestry, horticulture and insects have the information you need to properly care for your woodland, landscape or yard.

Forest pests and diseases — How to identify and deal with some of the most common and troublesome forest pests and diseases in Minnesota.

Recommended trees for climate-ready woodlands Our changing climate means forests will need to adapt. Get expert advice on the trees you can plant now that are predicted to do well in the future of your woodland.

Seasonal care for trees and shrubsLearn how to help keep your landscape trees healthy and safe.

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