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4-H clover Ways to participate

Fairs, training and events

All Minnesota 4-H events

See all Minnesota 4-H events. Use the 'Local office' filters on the page to filter by location.

Volunteer training

Find all 4-H volunteer training and materials on the member site (external link.)

County fairs

Showing a project at the fair gives you the chance to share what you have learned - and to learn about demonstration and more.

Minnesota State Fair

Every year, more than 5,000 4-H'ers show what they know at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

State events year-round

A round-up of the statewide events we hold each year.


If you're in kindergarten through grade 2, you're welcome!


4-H'ers in kindergarten through second grade can do fun activities, guided by adult volunteers.


All about clubs

Meet new friends, work on projects and take it to the next level!

4-H statewide club map

See all clubs near you. We have clubs about animals, science, after-school clubs, and much more!

Leading a 4-H club

4-H club leaders provide experiences that promote positive youth development for all members.

Projects and more

You can do 4-H projects on your own or with a group or club. You can join a challenge team or come to a hands-on learning day.

See all 4-H projects

What are you into? There's something for everyone!


Tell your story using photography! Learn about cameras, composition, editing and more.


Choose an animal species and learn all about it!

Learn to lead

Gain leadership skills - no matter which part of the 4-H program you do. You can lead at the club, state or even national level!

Engineering Design Challenge

Join a team of friends. You'll build a complicated machine that does a simple task. Learn about physics and teamwork.

Grow plants

Agronomy is the science of using plants for food, fuel, feed and fiber. Horticulture is about growing plants for food and decoration. If you like science or plants, you'll like 4-H agronomy and horticulture!

4-H choose your outdoor adventure

Learn more about 4-H outdoor adventures by exploring these four project areas on your own time.


Youth leadership

Gain leadership skills - no matter which part of the 4-H program you do. You can lead at the club, state or even national level!

Volunteer with 4-H

Anyone over age 19 who cares about young people can volunteer. You don't need to be a parent or an expert.

All about judging

Judges make our competitive events possible. Sign up or receive training.

Youth development curriculum library

Individual lessons and curricula on social and emotional skills, healthy living, college readiness, STEM and more.

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