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Two for You video series

Extension Center for Community Vitality educator Lori Rothstein and former Extension educator Denise Stromme share positive psychology research to help you live and lead with intention.

Two for You is a series of two-minute videos. Watch the full series on YouTube.


Available videos

  • When’s the last time you did NOTHING? Learn about Boketto and why it is important for your leadership.
  • When you start to notice your body entering a stress mode, what do you do? Learn about a grounding technique to help you stay focused.
  • How do you pass the time while waiting for news? Learn how flow can help you manage stress while you wait.
  • Why do you vote? There are so many reasons to vote. Watch and learn how voting is connected to your well-being.
  • Do you feel stress during interracial interactions? Learn three tips for building your patience based on positive psychology.
  • To be a great leader you need to have strong followers. Learn about the four needs of followers using positive psychology research.
  • How do you thank others? Learn about a technique to hone your gratitude skills to increase your well-being.
  • How do you manage stress? Learn about two resiliency taglines that help you center yourself and lessen negative self-talk.
  • What type of emotions do you experience in a day? Learn how the ratio of your positive and negative emotions can help your well-being.
  • Can having positive emotions help you live longer? Learn about the Nun Study and research on positive emotions in this short video.

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