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Community consultation

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We help communities choose their future — with information that helps them make critical decisions. Together we can plan how to create research that answers your key questions or design community workshops that bring valuable information to your local discussions. Learn more about options for your community below.

Research for communities

Connecting businesses and community

Extension's connecting businesses and community program mobilizes towns to ask businesses what they need to thrive.

Economic impact analysis

As your community invests in its local economy, are you fully aware of how specific industries, businesses or public finance decisions affect jobs and revenue? An economic impact analysis (EIA) will help you understand how your local economy works.

Market area profiles

Do businesses in your community know what their customers want? Extension provides market area profiles that help local stores know and grow their retail base.

Retail trade analysis

Do you know what businesses attract shoppers to — and away from — your town? Extension creates customized research reports that help you understand your community's retail strengths, gaps and opportunities.

Tourism assessment program

Is your community interested in exploring its potential for tourism development? Our tourism assessment program helps you identify your community's tourism assets and explore ways to diversify your local economy through tourism.

Visitor profiles

How well do you know the visitors coming to your town? Extension offers research services to help your community understand and collect data on tourists.

Community research

We have done extensive studies on community-focused topics. Explore our research and learn about local economies, retaining businesses, growing retail markets, local foods, developing tourism and more.

Community workshops

Economic Futures Workshop

How do local industries affect your economy? How would growth or loss in one industry impact jobs and revenue in other businesses? Our Futures Workshop stimulate informed local conversations about the local economy, ultimately leading communities to think about ways they can support the business community.

Public value workshop

Do you know the public value of your organization? Extension offers a workshop that gives you the opportunity and tools to develop a public value strategy for your program.

At Your Service workshop

Is the frontline staff in your community maximizing its customer service skills? Our At Your Service workshop builds the skills and knowledge needed by those working with customers to provide a quality experience.

Making it Home

Local conversations and events can help small towns create a community-wide vision that attracts new residents.

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