Public value workshop

Defining public value

Just as the goal of private managers is to create (or increase) the value of their company, the primary goal of publicly-funded agencies and organizations is to create public value. It is the value of an agency's program to those who do not directly benefit from, yet still directly or indirectly fund, the agency's activities.

Extension's public value workshop is offered as an hour and a half ($200) or a three-hour ($375) workshop.

Public and nonprofit employees learn, through activities and facilitated dialogue, how to articulate the value of their programs.

What you will learn

The public value workshop gives you the tools and opportunity to develop a public value strategy for your organization. Workshop participants learn:

  • The basics of public-sector economics behind the public value strategy
  • To identify their organization's strengths in creating public value
  • To craft their program's public value statement

Past participants identified how they intended to use their crafted public value statement:

  • To write grants
  • To perfect message to legislators
  • To use with funders and potential participants
  • To help staff better frame the value of what they do
  • To utilize in public media outreach
  • To use in future planning, marketing, and day-to-day operations

Who should attend

The public value workshop is usually organized for staff by local units of government or non-profit organizations. Since group work is a significant part of the workshop, whole program teams are encouraged to attend.

How to get started

Contact your local community economics educator to learn more.

Consult with us

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