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Ag Horizons workshops

What is the economic impact of your county’s agricultural industry? Are the processes for growing, producing, and manufacturing food and related products helping your county financially? Within those processes or systems, are there areas for improvement to reduce stress?

Extension’s Ag Horizons workshops dive into the county-level economics of agriculture and areas of rural stress. The format is mostly small group discussions. Workshop size is limited (about 16 to 25 people) and includes a mix of both farmers and others in a position to influence and drive change. As a workshop participant, you will:

  • Learn about your county’s economy and agriculture's role within it.

  • Examine your county-specific agriculture data to help stakeholders make decisions.

  • Become aware of stressors (financial and others) affecting agriculture and the broader rural community in your county.

  • Generate ideas for supporting agriculture industries in the county.

  • Leave with action items that are local to your county’s needs and wants.

Learn more

If interested in having your county take part or to receive more information, please contact Brigid Tuck, senior economic analyst.

Recent workshops

Review the below reports from prior workshops for more details about them.

Ag Horizons is a project funded by Extension's Rural Stress Task Force. It is a collaboration between Extension Centers for Community Vitality and Agriculture Food and Natural Resources.

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