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Home food preservation courses

Master Gardener Food Preservation Consultant volunteers share research-based food preservation information through in-person and online classes and live demonstrations. They are available to answer questions and distribute materials on how to safely preserve food at home.


Recommended for individuals who want to learn about updated practices for preserving food for their own use.


Schedule an in-person class or online webinar with a Master Gardener Food Preservation Consultant volunteer. To find a Master Gardener Food Preservation Consultant volunteer in your county or community, email mgweb@umn.edu.

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time. See other food and nutrition events from Extension.

Recorded webinars

Watch one of our recent webinars taught by Extension food safety educator Suzanne Driessen:

  • Basics of Home Canning: Safety First
    • Discover equipment needed and safe home canning methods. Whether you are new at home canning or have been canning for years, you will learn what’s safe and what’s not.
  • Drying Food
    • Drying food is simple, safe and easy to learn. This session explores how drying preserves food, food suitable for drying, and tips to dry food safely.
  • How to Freeze Food for Safe and Tasty Results
    • Learn which foods freeze well, why blanching improves frozen food quality, the process of freezing at home, the right packaging materials to use, and storage recommendations.
  • Pickling: It’s Not Just for Cucumbers!
    • Vegetables from asparagus to zucchini can be home preserved by pickling. Learn the steps needed to preserve a safe and delicious pickled product.
  • Preserving Fall Vegetables
    • Review food preservation options to freeze, dry, pickle, ferment and can fall vegetables. Learn the best ways to preserve broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and potatoes.
  • Preserving Tomatoes
    • You have many options to preserve tomatoes and enjoy the taste of summer all year long. This session reviews three different methods to preserve tomatoes: freezing, canning and drying.
  • Safely Fermenting Food at Home
    • From sauerkraut to Kombucha, you can ferment food at home. Learn the steps to safely ferment food.

Watch our series of basic food preservation videos.

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