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Home food preservation courses

Jars of pickled beans.

A variety of courses are available for people who preserve and process food at home. Preserving food at home safely is emphasized along with information on how to produce a quality product.

Course topics include

  • Safe home canning, freezing, pickling and drying
  • The science of food preservation
  • Producing a quality home preserved product
  • Home processing and equipment
  • Selecting research-based credible resources

Most courses use the community sponsorship model. Community groups or organizations sponsor the workshop, make the arrangements, and take registrations and fees.

Class titles include

  • Preserving food safely
  • Preserve your harvest
  • Preserving food safely: exploring the options
  • Freezing food for later use
  • Basics of home canning: safety first
  • Food preservation: where to find credible resources and canning basics
  • Preserving tomatoes and salsa
  • Methods and safety in home food preservation


Recommended for individuals who want to learn about updated practices for preserving food for their own use.


In person

Courses can be provided for a group of at least 20 learners, depending on the availability of trainers.


Free food preservation videos on a variety of food preservation topics. Upcoming webinars are listed below.

Schedule a course

To sponsor a training with your organization or community you need:

  • A minimum of 20 participants from your organization.
  • A training site/location.
  • Contact us at exfdsafe@umn.edu for cost and arrangement details.


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