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Bed bug control for pest management professionals

This page covers best management practices and control strategies for pest management professionals dealing with bed bugs.

See the bed bug page for general information on identifying bed bugs, their biology and behaviors.

Because of the unique challenges associated with bed bug eradication, pest management professionals must work closely with customers. The following information can help professionals develop protocols to make bed bug eradication successful, while building and maintaining good relationships with customers.

Bed bug management best practices and strategies


Control procedures for pest management professionals

When using any insecticide, obey the label and follow all directions.

  • The control methods described here assume that the commercial insecticides available will be used by licensed personnel from a Professional Pest Management provider.
  • DO NOT use other pesticide products off-label (especially pesticides meant for Garden or Agricultural use).
  • DO NOT use products that appear to be homemade, custom-formulated, or were purchased from a non-licensed vendor.

The following control procedures represent best practices for controlling bed bugs. These practices were developed in response to complaints about repeated control failures resulting from attempts to control bed bugs using only insecticides.




Authors: Stephen A. Kells, Extension entomologist, and Amelia K. Shindelar

Content originally appeared as materials for "Let's Beat the Bug: A bed bug information campaign to better prevent and control bed bugs," from the Department of Entomology at the University of Minnesota.

Reviewed in 2023

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