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Redwood County partners with Extension to deliver practical education and research you can use at home, work and in your community.


4-H is an out-of-school, hands-on learning program for young people grades K-13. Youth choose a project that is interesting to them and explore it with peers and caring adults. 4-H clubs are groups of youth who want to learn together and meet in every part of Minnesota.

Redwood  County has many active 4-H clubs.  To learn more, contact Redwood County 4-H staff. mnext-redwood@umn.edu




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Redwood County Extension


Redwood County 4-H Resources

  • 2024 Redwood County Premium Book
  • 2024 Animal ID letter - All Species
  • 2024 Market Beef ID letter
  • Redwood County 4-H Family Handbook
  • Project Resource Library

Livestock Project Resources

  • All About Livestock Newsletter
  • Beef Project - Help Sheet
  • Dairy Project - Help Sheet
  • Goat Project - Help Sheet
  • Horse Project - Help Sheet
  • Llama- Alpaca Project - Help Sheet
  • Poultry Project - Help Sheet
  • Rabbit Project - Help Sheet
  • Sheep Project - Help Sheet
  • Swine Project - Help Sheet

Award Applications

  • Key Award Application
  • 4-H Alumni Award
  • 4-H Citizenship Award
  • 4-H Member Achievement Award
  • Go-Getter Award
  • Honorary 4-H Member Award
  • Friend of 4-H Award

Clubs/Club Leader/Officer Resources

  • Available Clubs to Join
  • Leader Resource Guide
  • President Script
  • Secretary Book
  • 4-H Meeting Minutes Worksheet
  • Treasurer Training Workbook
  • Committee Planning Worksheet

4-H Records

  • Record Keeping Tips
  • Record Judging Evaluation Form
  • Cloverbud Records
  • Youth 4-H Participation Record
  • Youth 4-H 

County Fair


Health and Nutrition

  • Health & Nutrition in Redwood County
  • Events and news for Health & Nutrition
  • Health & Nutrition Resources 





Donating to 4-H

Gifts support 4-H youth development in Redwood County, and local programming coordinated by the Redwood County 4-H Council.

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Fundraising and Finance

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