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4-H clover 4-H horse training

Are you ready for a challenge?

Horse training challenges you to train your untrained horse, following a six-step process. Each step builds on the previous one. As you work through them, you will not only learn to train horses, you will develop skills you will use throughout your life. Passing step six will prove that you have the patience, ambition, and persistence to meet a challenging goal.

What you'll learn to do

  • Train a horse to the best of your ability.
  • Follow a step-by-step training process to develop your abilities and your horse's.
  • Use proper safety techniques when working with your horse.
  • Identify various types of training equipment and how to properly use and care for them.
  • Properly care for your horse.
  • Develop the proper attitude and understanding needed to train horses
  • Evaluate your horse's level of training and your readiness to proceed to the next step.
  • Develop a healthy attitude toward exploring and applying new training ideas and techniques

How to get started

Check the 4-H clubs map to see if there is a 4-H horse club in your area! Or ask your local 4-H staff how you can get started training horses. 

For participants



Carrie Frantzick, 651-249-7765, frantzickfarm@hotmail.com

Michelle Brendemuhl, 701-866-6994, mbrendemuhl6@gmail.com

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