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Houseplants on door step

As the fall temperatures begin to cool off it is time to consider bringing in the houseplants you may have let “vacation” outside this summer. Many houseplants will thrive outdoors during Minnesota’s summers, but they do not perform well or may even die if they are exposed to chilly temperatures. Depending on the species, temperatures dipping below 45-50°F will cause damage.

Fertilizer bag

University of Minnesota Extension Educator, Natalie Hoidal, recently forwarded information about fertilizer use in our home gardens. The information she shared was worrisome to me, and important enough to pass along to my readers.

Lawn with drought damage

Labor Day is a milepost in the lawn care calendar: it is time to get your lawn ready for the coming winter months.

Vegetable Garden

Increasingly, foodborne illness outbreaks are being traced to lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupe and other raw fruits and vegetables. Follow these food safety practices to keep your harvest, family and friends safe this fall.

Master Gardener volunteers at the Minnesota State Fair

The Master Gardener program is one of the most recognized and visible Extension programs in the state.

Fungs Gnats on Yellow Sticky Trap

This summer has brought many challenges, not the least of which is the fungus gnat invasion in our Extension office.

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