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reading pesticide label

Most insects are important to a healthy environment, including controlling pests, pollinating flowering plants, and providing food for other wildlife. Only a few are pests. Yet, the pesticides we use to control unwanted plants and animals rarely distinguish between beneficial insects and those which cause harm.

bumble bee on clover

A bee lawn can not only provide a recreational space for you, your family and your pets, it can also provide much-needed food resources for bees and other beneficial pollinators.

Bee on flower

Free webinars and Facebook live events about pollinators, native plants, bee lawns and lawn care will be held throughout May.

Male & Female Tick Comparison - Black Legged Tick

You would think that this later than normal spring would delay the tick season. Well, think again, I pulled several ticks off of my cats last week. If you have been spending time outside, chances are you’ve seen a tick or two.

Flowering bee lawn yard sign

Kudos to the Alexandria City Council, who passed a Resolution of Support for No Mow May at its April 10, 2023 meeting, temporarily suspending its turf and weed ordinances related to lawn height for participating properties. This is a positive step towards supporting our 400+ native bees in Minnesota.

hand holding soil samples

I have been receiving many calls about how and when fertilizer should be applied to lawns and gardens. This is a difficult question to answer without information about your soil type and content.

cell trays for starting seeds

Since 1982, Master Gardener volunteers have trialed selected annual vegetable and flower seeds in their home gardens across the state. Volunteers compare varieties and share their growing experiences, providing valuable information for home gardeners in Minnesota and the upper Midwest.

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