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Moving families forward

A series of short, animated videos help support Minnesota Latino families and communities in healthy decision-making.

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Animation of a credit card, debit card and two stacks of money
Extension’s financial capability team promotes financial wellness and healthy decision-making.

You make a lot of daily choices. When faced with decisions around your finances, home and wellness, it can often feel challenging. While there is a lot of information out there, sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start.

To help families navigate important decisions and share useful information, a team of University of Minnesota Extension educators are helping empower families with education.

Tackling timely issues

Providing education and resources to Latino communities in southern Minnesota and across the state, Extension financial capability educators Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Gabriela Burk and Jose Lamas are tackling timely issues affecting families' everyday decisions. 

Animation of a woman with a cart holding a grocery list in the produce section of a grocery store
Watch the series to learn how to eat healthy on a budget and save both money and time using a shopping list.

With rising grocery prices and the impacts of inflation, shopping on a budget is a common topic the team encounters. “Especially now with things being more expensive, families are talking about how much they spend on groceries,” says Lamas.

Responding to the growing needs of their communities, the team created a series of videos in Spanish to provide families with quick tips on how to save time and money while grocery shopping, eat healthy on a budget, save for an emergency fund, pay for purchases with cards and much more.

Striving to help Minnesota Latino families at every stage of their lives, these short animated videos are an excellent resource for families, explains Burk. “These videos can be a helpful tool to start conversations about money with your kids.”

But the team's work isn't just about making every penny count. It considers how financial decisions impact greater health and wellbeing.

Supporting healthy decision-making

Animation of stacks gold coins, a calculator, clip board, bar graph and a calendar
Videos cover topics like managing your budget and saving for an emergency fund.

Addressing other topics like renting and buying a first home, sending a child to college and preventing fraud, the team focuses on holistic health and family as a whole. “When we choose topics, we consider what families need to move forward and make everyday decisions about their health and safety.” Alvarez de Davila explains. 

“We hope these videos serve as a starting place for families to begin thinking about their wellbeing and know they are not alone when navigating these topics. We are here to help and answer questions.”

Latino Families Moving Forward

Watch the series of videos and get connected with Extension’s Financial capability team to find practical tips on saving money, managing your budget, creating a safe and healthy home and much more.

Watch the "Latino Families Moving Forward" videos

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