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4-H clover 4-H Plastic Sculpture Challenge

Be an agent for change!

4-H plastics challenge

How are you and your family using plastic? Explore your own use and increase their knowledge of the wide world of plastics. Make an amazing piece of art by repurposing (upcycling) single-use plastics! 

Choose from four optional activities to learn more about plastics and problems they cause. Find ways to be an agent for change.

Plastic is everywhere! Bottles and containers, toys and packaging… plastic makes life better AND creates a huge problem for our earth.  Single-use plastics make up over 40% of our garbage. We recycle too little of what could be recycled.

Use plastic you find to create your art sculpture on a theme or message you’d like to use. Examples of plastics you could use: cups, bottles, bags, bottle caps, take-out containers, pieces of old toys and anything made of plastic that you find in your house or yard. Get some inspiration for your plastic art sculpture!

Challenge activities

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