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Stearns County Ag Horizons

Stearns County by the numbers

Economic impact overview, 2019

Stearns County ag output value Illustrated by of a stack of U.S. currency.

$2.1 billion
total agriculture output generated

The various agricultural industries in Stearns County.

of expenditures are for inputs

The labor market in Stearns County.

of expenditures are for labor

Farm overview, 2017

  • 2,951 farms
  • 5,014 producers
  • 650,821 acres of farmland
  • 221 average acres per farm

Top production sectors

  • Corn growing
  • Dairy production
  • Poultry production

Top industries affected, 2019

  1. Wholesale trade
  2. Real estate
  3. Transportation
  4. Health care
  5. Retail trade

About this workshop

Attendees at an Ag Horizons workshop in Stearns County, Minnesota.

Agricultural leaders and stakeholders from Stearns County participated in the University of Minnesota Extension’s Ag Horizons workshop on Wednesday, March 15, 2022, in Freeport, Minnesota. During the four-hour workshop, participants:

  • Learned about agriculture’s impact on Stearns County’s economy.
  • Analyzed data tailored to Stearns County’s agricultural industry.
  • Generated ideas for supporting agriculture in the county.
  • Created five action items specific to Stearns County’s needs.

Read full report (PDF)

Contributors: Dana Adams, Extension educator; Brigid Tuck, senior economic impact analyst; Joleen Hadrich, associate professor; Megan Roberts, Extension educator; Madelyn Wehe, student

Reviewed in 2022

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