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Minnesota grape production statistics: 2020

A view from above of lines of grape trees growing on a Minnesota field.

Key findings

  • The total yield reported in 2020 was 285,452 pounds — approximately 44 percent lower than in 2019.
  • Fewer varieties were reported in the 2020 survey than in previous years. 'Marquette' was the highest-produced variety with 53,325 pounds.
  • The average prices per pound ranged from $0.81 to $0.94 for wine grapes.
  • Crop loss continues to affect grape growers in Minnesota throughout the year. Winter injury and associated trunk disorders, bud injury, and frost were some of the top reasons for crop loss.

About this report

Grape production in Minnesota is estimated from survey data collected during the spring following the previous year’s harvest. Grape growers were invited to participate in a survey through email, and data was collected for all grape varieties growing in the state. The data represents commercial grape production in 2020 and includes sales figures by variety, including the range and average price per pound. While this survey underrepresents commercial and hobby grape production in the state, it provides a snapshot of production trends, including a five-year (2016-2020) summary of yield data. Despite the small sample size, the data provide a good representation across vineyard sizes and business types (with or without a winery).

Approximately 80 farm wineries are active in Minnesota, and this survey reports on only 22 grape producers — 10 of which are not wineries themselves. The intent was to provide a snapshot of the 2020 harvest season and give both growers and wine producers estimates of pricing and trends to assist in budgeting, establishing fair prices, and fiscal planning.

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Matthew Clark, Extension specialist; Brigid Tuck, Extension senior economic impact analyst

Reviewed in 2021

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