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4-H clover Bonus trips to state fair and state horse show

Bonus trips recognize excellent local youth development programs. 

Each county is allowed a number of youth to attend the state fair or state horse show. These quotas are set each spring by state program leaders. Each county can apply for more youth from their county to attend (a "bonus") based on the excellence of their youth development programming. Tribal programs should apply through their county. 

Bonus trips encourage local programs to strive for programming excellence across all animal species, and to support positive learning experiences for youth. It does not recognize individual youth or project quality.

Each county may send in one application per animal species for state fair. Each county may send in two applications for state horse show but can only win one. See all details below. Application planning starts in February or March. If you want to help your county prepare its bonus trips application, contact your local 4-H office.

State fair livestock bonus trips

NEW in 2020: Each county that submits a bonus trip application for any livestock species that proves the county 4-H program provided at least one learning opportunity (project meeting) for that species will be awarded an extra trip. This includes hosting virtual learning experiences as a method of working with youth and livestock education during the COVID-19 restrictions that are county planned, presented and documented. This DOES NOT include LQA&E trainings. The training(s) must have occurred between June 1, 2019 and June 1, 2020. This change offers up to nine additional trips for your livestock exhibitors!


State horse show bonus trips


Reviewed in 2019

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