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Education and programs for water resources professionals


Groundwater Basics is an online course for independent learning. You will learn the fundamentals of groundwater science and principles for communicating about groundwater science with a general audience. The course is designed for water resource managers and planners within local governments and their partners. The material is also intended for decision-makers at the local level, such as county board members.

Sewage treatment

The Onsite Sewage Treatment program protects public health and the environment by improving wastewater treatment through research-based workshops, as well as outreach to homeowners, small communities, professionals and policy-makers.

Stormwater education

The stormwater education program works with stormwater professionals and communities through research-based, locally-tailored workshops. With green infrastructure concepts, we teach how to minimize the impact of development by mimicking natural hydrology.

Watershed education

The watershed education program provides community leaders, citizens, and natural resource professionals with knowledge and tools to make informed water and land use decisions to protect and restore the integrity of Minnesota's lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

The Watershed Specialist Training program delivers an online training course for current and aspiring water resource professionals and supports ongoing networking among alumni. The program aspires to continually build capacity to address Minnesota’s water resource challenges.

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