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Episode 20: Community conversations

It's a common complaint we hear from community leaders. "We can't get people to show up for meetings." It's ironic that people really do want community connections but, for a lot of reasons, don't always come to the table to talk about community life.

Jody Horntvedt, Extension Leadership and Civic Engagement Educator, unpacks the problem for us in this episode of Vital Connections on Air. And she shares nuts-and-bolts advice about creating healthy conversations in your community. From where to hold meetings to how to extend the invitation, you can make community conversations more successful.

"She knew her conversations were successful when people started waving to each other on the street again."

— Jody Horntvedt


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Episode host(s)

  • Christy Kallevig, Extension educator
    University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Community Vitality


  • Jody Horntvedt, Extension educator, leadership and civic engagement
    University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Community Vitality


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