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Wake up Minnesota with Dr. Gloria ​Gonzalez-Morales on oppressive civility

(Air date: January 30, 2023)

Words have power. In this episode of Vital Connections On Air, we talk to Dr. Gloria ​Gonzalez-Morales. We learn about her journey and her use of language and naming things to create an understanding among people for inclusivity and intergroup dialogue.

Listen as she shares insight for organizations and leaders as it relates to positive psychology and topics such as oppressive civility, microaggression, advancing women and women of color into leadership positions, privilege, and more.

“Disguised as kindness and professionalism, but behind it, there's really an intention to put you in your place, and that's what I call oppressive civility. It’s like an email that is back-handed, it’s a comment at the end of a very positive email that it really tells you that they're trying to enact their power over you or their hierarchy over you.” — Dr. Gloria ​Gonzalez-Morales

Episode hosts

  • Jenn Aranda, educator, Extension
  • Jocelyn Hernandez Guitron, former educator, Extension


  • Dr. Gloria ​Gonzalez-Morales, associate professor of psychology and director of the Worker Wellbeing (WW) Lab, Claremont Graduate University


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