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Episode 13: The importance of immigrants to Minnesota's businesses

Supporting Minnesota workers

Minnesota's business community is on the front line of addressing workforce issues. This includes trying to create welcoming spaces for newcomers and tapping into underutilized workers. The community is also addressing issues at a political level.

Bill Blazar

Bill Blazar, senior vice president of public affairs and business development with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce joins us. In this episode, we explore what is happening and how companies are supporting immigrants and immigration policy.

"There isn't a business that I visit these days that is not relying to some degree on immigrant workers. And that is workers contributing at every level of skill in the business and in every department."

— Bill Blazar


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Episode host(s)

  • Christy Kallevig, Extension educator
    University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Community Vitality


  • Bill Blazar, senior vice president, public affairs and business development, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

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