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Growing popcorn in home gardens

Quick facts

  • Direct seed in the garden after soil has warmed.
  • You must isolate popcorn from other types of corn.
  • Let popcorn remain in the garden as long as possible to allow the kernels to dry on the stalks.
  • At least once a week, pop a sample of kernels. When most of the kernels in the sample pop up crisp and fluffy, it is time to store the whole crop.
  • Store popcorn in airtight containers.

Popcorn (Zea mays var. everta) is a type of corn with kernels that burst when heated. A small amount of moisture within the hard kernel turns to steam, causing the kernel to explode. Homegrown popcorn is a special treat and a fun challenge for gardeners.

Soil pH and fertility




How to keep your popcorn plants healthy and productive


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