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Stress and energy

Two for You — take two minutes to live and lead with intention

Episode 4.9

What do art, music, and strengths have in common? Watch this episode to help you increase your vitality when feeling depleted.



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[Lori] Hello and welcome to Two for You. On this episode we are going to talk about stress and energy.

So, all of us have strengths. But it's really difficult to remember our strengths when we're feeling stressed and how they can work for us. So, if you haven't, go in the show notes of this video podcast and take your strengths.

Overall the point is remember that we have these character strengths and strengths of productivity that can really help us to feel more engaged in our lives and we can apply them each day to increase our energy.

[Denise] Leading our day with our strengths is a great way to go. But what we find in times of stress is that usually we go in the opposite direction.

[Lori] Totally, we totally spiral down.

[Denise] Our emotions start to spiral down and we need to turn that around. So what we can do is we can call on positive emotions. You might be saying "I don't feel all that happy when I'm stressed." But it doesn't have to be happiness.

You can rely on gratitude. What are you grateful for during these times? Laugh a little bit it's okay to laugh when you're stressed. Find a little funny video, I don’t know. Read a joke.

How about hope? You know. Rely on hope. And interest. Dig into something that really interests you to up your energy.

[Lori] Yeah, so two things you could look at are increasing the amount of art and music in your life. The research is great. Whether you actually create the art or you create the music or you absorb or appreciate them created by someone else. Either way it increases your well-being.

So go on a virtual museum tour, hang up that kindergartener’s piece of art that just makes you smile every time you look at it.

[Denise] And our last tip is that you create a routine to build your energy. Decision making takes up energy. And so why not get a good routine of good sleep, great food and deep breaths. Ground yourself and up your energy during this time of stress.

[Lori] Right, so there you go. Increase your energy by remembering that you have strengths. Focus on all the positive emotions that you're having in your life, increasing the amount of art and music maybe have a dance party in the kitchen, and take some deep breaths, set a routine and get some sleep, as you live and lead with intention.

Authors: Lori Rothstein and Denise Stromme, former Extension educators

Reviewed in 2020

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