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Supporting learning

Children don't stop learning when the school day ends. The more positive and constructive learning experiences children have outside of school, the better they do in school. Whether it's getting homework help, learning together as a family, or using a parent-child interaction as a teaching opportunity, parents and caregivers can help pave the way for their children's school success.

The following resources can help you get started.


Help your teen make the most of school

Review the research about how children do better in school and have more positive attitudes when their parents are involved in school life. Part of the Teen Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers series.

Grades at school

Get a better understanding about grades and how to turn poor grades into positive learning opportunities.

Homework: How to help

Explore guidelines for helping your children with their homework.

Minimize conflict over homework

Keep homework tensions at a minimum and use structure to minimize homework conflict.

Has your child missed school lately?

Learn the definitions related to school absences, and how to encourage school attendance.

Preventing the summer slide

Prevent your children from losing reading, math, and other school-related skills over the summer break.

Learning opportunities to discover

Get tips to help support your child’s learning away from school.

Winning isn't everything

Look more into the sports that your teen participants in, and how you and your whole family can get more from the experience. Part of the Teen Talk : A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers series.

Vacation: a learning experience

Find out how to turn your vacations into a learning experience for the whole family.

Volunteering: A learning opportunity

Volunteer with your family to learn new skills, teach responsibility, and become closer.

I need to get a job

Reviews the research about teens seeking and holding a job.

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