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4-H clover 4-H Gardening Project

drawing of flowers growing in a box

What you'll do

  • Identify different types of gardens
  • Grow and maintain a garden
  • Plant seeds
  • Understand soil and other planting media
  • Learn pest management techniques
  • Examine parts of a plant and what they do
  • Learn to identify and use common garden tools

You'll learn about the life cycle of plants, starting plants from seed, soil, watering, fertilization, propagation and flowering. You could make a terrarium, dish garden, hanging basket and or grow plants in pots.

Levels of learning


Fairs and exhibits


Future study and careers

You could study horticulture or plant science at the University of Minnesota.

Groundskeepers maintain landscapes throughout the year, working outdoors. Landscape architects design the grounds of large houses and public buildings. Florists use artistic skills and plant knowledge to create displays. Horticulturalists understand the science of how things grow. Soil scientists study soil.

Reviewed in 2021

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