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Poultry care and management

Caring for poultry

Preventing heat stress in poultry

  • Birds are subject to heat stress when the air temperature and humidity uncontrollably increase their core body temperature.
  • Heat stress can result in panting, increased water intake and eventually death.
  • Access to cool, fresh water, ventilation, and adjusted feed schedules can help provide relief to birds.

Reducing salmonella risk in table egg production 

  • Control rodents, insects and wild birds on your farm.
  • Properly wash and store eggs to prevent salmonella contamination.

  • Have a strong and strict biosecurity program for your farm.

Poultry your way

  • A guide from Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture for those interested in commercially raising, processing and marketing poultry.
  • It is designed to help you consider alternatives and make decisions that will be most compatible with your goals.


Employment conditions, wages and documentation 

  • Farms increasingly use both family and outside labor to complete agricultural work.
  • Federal and state laws generally apply to farmers, but both include certain exemptions for farm operations

Agricultural production contracts

  • Contracts are an increasingly important aspect of agricultural production and marketing.
  • Such contracts may take the form of leases, contracts for deed, production contracts or marketing contracts.
  • Learn about the advantages, regulations and associated risks. 
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