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Spending, saving and retirement

People use different strategies to manage their money. Some people prefer to create a detailed plan while others take a more relaxed approach. No matter your situation, the following resources will help you manage your spending and savings to better meet your goals.

Retirement savings and stock market changes

Prepare to speak with your financial professional about your 401(k) and changes in the stock market. 

How to make a "save, spend, share" bank with kids

 Teach children the value of saving, spending and sharing money with a divided bank you can make at home. 

Saving and investing for your future

Learn how to set goals around saving and investing. 

Sending money abroad

Learn how remittances work, and get tips on sending money to family and friends in other countries.

Holiday spending

Develop a game plan ahead of time to avoid holiday debt.

Meeting your insurance needs

Find information and resources to make sure you have the right amount of insurance.

Cash-based payment options: what's right for you?

Get information on all the cash-based payment options available to you.

Identifying financial security goals for later life

Take an online quiz or complete the worksheet to sort out your financial goals.

Alternative financial services and avoiding the debt trap

Learn how to pay off payday loans and other “fringe” banking services so you can start building wealth.

Reviewed in 2023

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