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Divorce and other family transitions

Transitions occur often for families. From going through divorce or separation, to change in employment, it can be difficult to adjust. Our courses and educational resources teach parents about the impact of family transition and offer strategies that help both parents and children adjust to their new life.

Register for the Parents Forever Online Course

There are different options for attending a Parents Forever class. Get more information about the online class.

Parents Forever curriculum

Comprehensive curriculum that is used to facilitate a Parents Forever course to parents and caregivers of children who have experienced a family transition like divorce or separation.

Adjusting to change

Coping with abandonment 
Children do best when they have a relationship with both of their parents, but sometimes this is not possible. Here are some tips for talking to your children about abandonment.

Children moving between two households 
Follow these easy steps to help your children's transition between two households go more smoothly.

Credit issues with divorce 
Review things to consider related to credit and divorce.

Grandparents and kin raising children 
Resources are available to help families in this situation.

How age affects children's adjustment to stepfamilies 
Understand how your children’s age affects their reaction to a new stepfamily and help them adjust.

New families and traditions 
Learn how to use communication, negotiation, and compromise to help navigate exploring and establishing traditions in new families.

Reducing stress during holidays for kids and divorce 
Explore some things divorced parents can keep in mind to help ease the difficulty of holidays.

Guidelines for blended families 
Learn about the unique challenges you’ll encounter as a stepparent.

Safe and healthy relationships

Dos and don'ts of managing anger
 Looking for some tips for controlling your anger, particularly when dealing with your children’s other parent? See this list of dos and don’ts

Should we reconcile? 
Depending on your situation, you may still be considering whether the romantic relationship with your children’s other parent is completely over or if you will eventually get back together. This resource reviews things to consider before making the big decision.

Talking with your children about family transition 
Get tips for talking to your children about the transition, the right way.

The importance of forgiveness 
Learn more about how forgiveness can help you and your children move toward a healthier future.

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