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Parents Forever curriculum

The Parents Forever: Education for Families in Transition curriculum provides everything you need to facilitate a Parents Forever course. Use this curriculum to help parents and caregivers of children:

  • Describe the family transition journey and how each family member will be affected.

  • Recognize the role of self-care, parent-child relationships, and coparenting in child well-being.

  • Identify internal and external resources. Also plan how to leverage these resources to promote resilience for all involved.

Please note this curriculum includes a  4-hour course and an 8-hour course.

Learn more about the Parents Forever theory of change that informed the curriculum. 

What is covered by the curriculum?

The Parents Forever is organized into five main sessions. These five sessions comprise a continuum. They are intended to be taught in order described below.


What is included with the curriculum?

The Parents Forever curriculum is web-based. Purchasing the curriculum gives you access to the Parents Forever facilitator website. This website is the “one stop shop” and contains all of the resources you need to teach the program. This includes the following resources.

  • Parents Forever Facilitator Guide

  • Parents Forever Presentation — full and abridged versions

  • Links to preview and buy the Parents Forever Parent Handbook

  • Links to download all six Parents Forever videos, including the Four parenting styles video

  • Link to download the Ages and stages game

  • Print-friendly versions of all participant handouts

  • Covers to create your own facilitator and presentation binders

Purchasing curriculum access

The Parents Forever curriculum is only available through the Parents Forever facilitator website.

Organizations or independent facilitators can buy access to this website for a onetime fee. Pricing structure varies on the number of individuals to be trained. Please contact us for more details. 

These fees are a one-time cost.

All facilitators who teach one hour or more of a Parents Forever need to buy access to the Parents Forever facilitator website.

In order buy access to the facilitator website, you must complete the training prerequisites. See more about the Parents Forever Facilitator Training.

Still have questions? Watch the free Parents Forever Introductory Webinar. It reviews the 2014 curriculum revision, changes that have occurred in the Parents Forever program, and more. Note, this same webinar is also incorporated into the facilitator training.

If you have more specific questions, please contact us.

This curriculum was developed October 2014 by the following University of Minnesota Extension Department of Family Health and Wellbeing staff members:​

  • Ellie M. McCann, Extension educator in family resiliency

  • Heather M. Lee, project manager

  • Sharon E. Powell, Extension educator in family resource management

  • Alisha M. Hardman, research assistant in family resiliency

  • Emily H. Becher, research fellow with Parents Forever

  • Kjersti Olson, Extension educator in family resiliency

Reviewed in 2022

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