Overindulgence is giving your child too much of anything — money, space, time, energy, or attention — that can delay their development. Parents and caregivers overindulge children from a “good heart,” but it doesn't help children or families in the long run. Learn about overindulgence and learn some practical and easy parenting tools that you can use.


Overindulgence: The test of four

Learn about the Test of Four tool, which helps you and the children in your care learn what is enough.

Parenting with a Good Heart online course

Check out this new, free online course designed to give you parenting tools you can use right away.

Parenting in the Age of Overindulgence online course

Take this free online course to help you learn how to identify if something is "too much" and get strategies to avoid overindulgence. NEW — Professionals can access free take & teach modules that coincide with this course to use with parents and caregivers!

Developmental Parenting Highway online course

The Developmental Parenting Highway class is one of several in the Parenting in the Age of Overindulgence series. Overindulgence comes from a good heart, but it can lead to unwanted, less-than-good outcomes.

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