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4-H clover Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassadors educate youth during National Agriculture Week

A teen girl wearing a green 4-H polo talking in front of a classroom.
Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassador Amanda S. teaching youth in a classroom.

During National Agriculture Week in March, Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassadors took on the challenge of educating kindergarten through eighth grade students in classrooms and local 4-H groups about responsible manure management. 

A close up of youth completing an activity with a pipette and a yellow sponge in a cup.
Youth completing an activity in the Manure Management lesson. 

Leveraging the Fields, Food, and You: Cultivating Global Agriculture Awareness curriculum, the agriculture ambassadors engaged students in hands-on activities on the proper placement of manure or fertilizer to safeguard water sources. 

The Manure Management lessons not only piqued the students' interest but also instilled a sense of global citizenship, emphasizing the impact of informed decisions on daily life.

Since its inception in 2019, the Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassador program has witnessed significant growth, with classroom teaching emerging as a favorite activity. 

Prior to their classroom engagements, the agriculture ambassadors underwent comprehensive training covering classroom management techniques and curriculum adaptation strategies to better cater to diverse student needs. This concerted effort reached over 15 counties and engaged 1,200 youth across Minnesota. 

Additionally, the group secured a White-Reinhardt Grant from the National Farm Bureau to assemble book bundles in collaboration with the Minnesota Farm Bureau for educational purposes throughout the school year. 

By integrating reading sessions into their outreach efforts, they reached an additional 300 youth, furthering the mission of agricultural education.

As the Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassador program looks ahead, applications for the 2024-2025 4-H year will open on Aug. 1, welcoming all youth in grades 10 and above to apply. 

With a commitment to expanding outreach both within and beyond 4-H, the goal remains to underscore the significance of agriculture to a broader audience.

Learn more about the program and application process.

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