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4-H clover 4-H plant science programs engage more youth with virtual teams

The Minnesota 4-H plant science team is breaking down geographic barriers by offering virtual team opportunities for 4-H youth.

Three boys standing in a field talking to a man in an Extension polo.
4-H'ers participating in the 2023 4-H/FFA crop scouting event. 

The 4-H plant science team has been testing virtual teams to allow all youth an equal opportunity to participate in showcase events

This past year, multiple teams practiced virtually to prepare for their in-person participation at 4-H plant science project bowl and crop scouting.

The virtual team format has proven successful and has expanded the reach of 4-H plant science programming. 

Youth interested in 4-H plant science experiences now have the chance to meet with others from across the state and hold virtual practices. They don't have to rely on being able to form a team within their county membership to participate. 

The 4-H plant science team is ready to form even more virtual teams to connect and prepare youth to participate in person at plant science showcase events. 

"We are excited to have coaches ready to gather these youth who are excited to learn and begin virtual 4-H plant science practices," says Anja Johnson, University of Minnesota Extension 4-H agronomy and horticulture educator. 

The 4-H plant science team invites youth to give it a try and meet new friends across the state. 

Interested youth should complete this form to be contacted about virtual team opportunities. 

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