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Crop production

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Take control of crop success with unbiased crop research, publications and news from University of Minnesota Extension.


Hybrid selection

Choosing the right hybrid for your needs

Cropping systems

Crop rotations, corn following alfalfa, continuous corn


Guidelines, delayed planting, replant decisions


Emergence and stand establishment, weather damage

Pest management

Insects, diseases and nematodes affecting corn


Harvest and lodging, grain drying and storage, crop residue management


Variety selection

Forage selection and identification, emergency forages, cover crops as forages


Seeding rates and dates, stand establishment


Life cycles and characteristics of legumes, assessing winter injury

Pest management

Diseases and insects affecting forages

Harvest and storage

Utilization, silages, pastures and grazing, biomass, stand termination

Small grains

Crop and variety selection

Small grain variety selection, crop rotations, malting barley varieties


Guidelines, seeding dates, seeding rates, delayed planting, replant decisions


Emergence and stand establishment, weather damage

Pest management

Find information about diseases and insects common to Minnesota small grain crops

Harvest and storage

Strategies for harvesting, storing and drying small grains in Minnesota.


Variety selection

Choosing the right variety, seed quality


Guidelines, delayed planting, replanting decisions


Emergence and stand development, weather damage

Pest management

Insects and diseases affecting soybean

Harvest and storage

Storing and drying soybean



Row widths, plant population, seeds

Pest management

Insects and diseases affecting sugarbeet

Nutrient management


Basics of nitrogen, rates by crop, using urea, soil testing

Phosphorus and potassium

Basics, deficiency symptoms, recommended rates, application methods

Micro- and secondary macronutrients

Recommendations for boron, sulfur, copper, magnesium, zinc


When lime is needed, assessing liming materials, guidelines

Crop-specific needs

Research-based fertilizer rates by crop

Testing and analysis

Understanding and interpreting soil test results

Soil and water


Irrigation scheduling, monitoring soil moisture, water quality

Soil management and health

Soil properties, tillage systems, reducing soil erosion and compaction and residue management

Agricultural drainage

Guide to agricultural drainage systems, including planning and design strategies, calculators, background about how it works, regulations and more.

Cover crops

Benefits, selection, establishment, maintenance, utilization and termination of cover crops.

Weed management

Weed identification

Photos of weeds and weed seedlings commonly found in Minnesota crop production


Calculating and calibrating rates, managing risk and drift, symptoms of dicamba exposure

Herbicide resistance management

Strategies for diversifying weed control to manage herbicide resistance

For ag professionals

Institute for Ag Professionals

Connecting ag professionals with the latest crops research

Regional research trials

Variety trials, herbicide evaluations, other regional research

On farm research

Learn what it takes to set up an on-farm trial, so that you can be confident it its results.

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