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Forage variety selection

Find guidance on how to choose the right forage legumes, grasses and mixes for your farm, as well as distinguish among various species.

Variety trials

Alfalfa field crop variety trials

Yield potential of alfalfa varieties are continually evaluated in research trials at the University of Minnesota. The trials are conducted using recommended soil fertility and pest control practices to optimize alfalfa yield and persistence.

Other forage crops

Several forage crops have been included in the Minnesota Field Crop Trials over the years. While the following crops aren't currently being trialed, the historic reports are available. Examples include legumes such as birdsfoot trefoil and clovers and forage grasses, such as bromegrass, orchardgrass,  and timothy.

Corn  silage

The Minnesota Hybrid Corn Silage Evaluation Program evaluates the silage potential of corn hybrids in Minnesota. The goal of the program is to provide unbiased forage yield and forage quality information for educational and marketing programs. 

Identifying and selecting forages

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