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Selling timber

Quick facts

  • Professional foresters can help you plan your timber harvest and sale.
  • Private and public foresters provide different services.
  • Consider both price and quality when selecting a logger.
  • Create a contract and monitor the sale to resolve issues that may arise.
Red oak sawlogs

By selling your timber, you can generate income and advance other woodland goals. For example, harvesting might help you improve forest health and wildlife habitat or build recreational trails.

Most landowners will only sell timber once or twice in their lifetime. So it’s unlikely they are experts in marketing or harvesting timber, including applying these Minnesota guidelines for harvesting forests

On this page, you will find guidance and resources to help you get the best timber offer, meet woodland goals and make informed decisions throughout the timber sales process.

Getting help from a forester


Tips for the sale


Authors: Charlie Blinn and Eli Sagor, Extension foresters

Reviewed in 2019

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