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Throughout my studies in school, there were a handful of “a-ha” moments. For me, that was when I learned that plants have a budget. Instead of cash and bitcoins, theirs was measured (mostly) in water and energy. With this historic year of drought, a plant should make smart gambles, or its budget—and life—will shrivel.

Jumping worm in soil.

Animals are complicated, earthworms are no different. One type of earthworm, the jumping worm, clearly fits the “bad guy” label, and gardeners need to pay attention to this species.

snow mold

Well, the arctic freezer blast in February followed by the warmup in March certainly increased our longing for green things. Around this time of the year, homeowners commonly call the office for help keeping their lawn said green color. However, early spring is more a season of patience than aggressive action for lawns.

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