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Halal-friendly Minnesota

Herd of goats in green grass field.

Minnesota is a culturally diverse state; its population consists of members from various racial, ethnic and religious groups. One population that has been established in urban and rural areas of Minnesota is Muslims. 

University of Minnesota Extension facilitates collaborations among local governments, farmers and breeders, abattoirs, meat processors, wholesalers, distributors and consumers to support the domestic halal meat supply chain. 

The word halal describes anything that Muslims can use or engage in according to their religion, Islam. Halal food has to be prepared according to Islamic law. 

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What is a domestic halal meat supply chain?

A domestic halal meat supply chain refers to the process of supplying locally raised halal meat from farm to plate while preserving its halal status. The typical halal meat supply chain consists of farmers or breeders, abattoirs, meat processors, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

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The Halal Meat Introductory Guide is an in-depth guide for farmers and ranchers interested in participating in a halal meat supply chain. 

          For halal meat producers

          The market for halal meat in Minnesota holds untapped potential for communities throughout the state. 


          For halal meat retailers

          There are many consumers looking to buy halal meats. Make sure your market is ready to handle and sell halal products. 


          For halal meat consumers

          Access to halal food is vital for many consumers and having halal foods available in Minnesota communities addresses food insecurity. Most markets that sell halal food accept food assistance benefits like SNAP, EBT and WIC. 


          Halal meat markets map

          Find a halal grocery store, farmers and livestock producers, and meat processors in Minnesota. 

          Stamp that says "food certified 100% halal"

          Request a consultation

          Still have questions about halal foods? Would you like to have your store added to the Halal-friendly Minnesota map?  Contact Extension educator Serdar Mamedov at  smamedov@umn.edu for assistance. 

          Project updates

          Localizing Halal Meat Production is a project that will document steps to create a local halal meat supply chain in the Willmar area, and run a pilot program to learn about buying preferences for fresh halal meat.

          Working with a local goat producer, a USDA-certified halal meat processor, and Somali-owned grocery stores, project partners will create a framework that can be replicated to expand access to local halal meat. This project started in summer/fall 2021 and is supported by the Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships Southwest Region

          The Goat Meat Marketing Case Study was released in 2022. Its purpose is to share one livestock farm’s experience entering the halal market so others can learn from them. In this example, Kandi Acres marketed halal meat directly to halal stores in Central Minnesota between October 2021 and July 2022. 

          Reviewed in 2022

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