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Hay Price Calculator app

Hay Price Calculator

Buy hay the smart way! Many horse owners purchase hay by the bale. However, the more economical way to purchase and compare different hay types is to calculate the price per ton.

The Hay Price Calculator helps hay buyers calculate the price per ton and provides cost comparisons of small square, large round and large square bales.

Hay buyers select the bale type and enter the bale weight and price per bale, then the Hay Price Calculator calculates the price per ton. Users can compare and choose the most economical hay. Hay buyers should also take into consideration hay quality when determining economics.

The app is available for use with Android and Apple products and costs $0.99.

Note: The app may not work on some newer (2023+) Android phones. There is no plan at this time to update the app.

Healthy Horse app

Healthy Horse app

Determining a horse's body weight is important for managing weight and feeding, and for administering medication.

The Healthy Horse App allows horse owners and professionals to estimate the body weight of several breed types by using equations developed through research by the University of Minnesota and the University of Kentucky. Ideal body weight is also calculated.

Simply enter your horse's height, body length, neck and girth circumference.

The app gives an estimate of the actual and ideal body weights and should not replace an examination by a qualified professional. 

The app includes the following breed types:

  • Adult Arabians
  • Draft horses
  • Adult and juvenile miniature horses
  • Stock horses
  • Saddle-type horses
  • Ponies
  • Warmbloods
  • Thoroughbreds

The Healthy Horse App is available in both Spanish and English and users can enter measurements in imperial or metric units with results displayed in pounds or kilograms.

The app is available for use with Android and Apple products for $1.99.

Note: The app may not work on some newer (2023+) Android phones. There is no plan at this time to update the app.

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