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Promote and support the kids in your life to move their way

Move Your Way provides many health benefits

Although our world is ever-changing and families are more diverse, one thing remains the same — the family unit is one of the closest and most important sources of influence for the movement and behaviors of children and youth.

We’ve known for decades about the benefits physical activity can have on children, such as improving heart health, building strong bones, boosting self-esteem and maintaining healthy body weight. Given the increasing emphasis on mental health today, it is not surprising that emerging research has focused on the important role of physical activity in relation to children and youth’s mental health and psychological well-being. This research has shown that higher physical activity levels are associated with favorable outcomes of mental health including greater self-esteem and life satisfaction. Higher physical activity levels are also associated with fewer mental health visits, decreased behavior of inattention, hyperactivity, reduced smartphone addiction, and lower odds for symptoms of depression.

Due to the low level of physical activity levels and increasing sedentary behaviors, researchers are taking a closer look at how the family unit can influence and support healthy movement behaviors. There is no denying that families play a crucial role in shaping and influencing all areas of children’s lives, including their physical activity, sedentary and sleep behaviors. At the end of the day, we all want happy and healthy children, and the evidence shows us that it is well worth the time and investment.

Check out Move Your Way, a unique youth physical activity planner resource to support and encourage children to move their way.

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