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Controlling your own anger

Parenting is hard work, surrounded by many myths. Some of these myths include the beliefs that you can be a perfect parent, that parents always feel love and tenderness toward their children, that your family gets along in harmony, that your children are very well behaved, that children always obey their parents, that parents are in charge of the situation and in control of how they feel — and the list goes on.

Let's talk about reality: babies do cry, you don't get enough sleep, toddlers say “no,” kids disobey, and brothers and sisters fight. When you add in the stresses many adults feel in their daily lives, it's normal for many parents to sometimes feel overwhelmed, out of control, and, at times, angry.

Anger is a normal reaction. It's also an emotion many parents don't know how to deal with when it comes to their children.


Rose Allen, University of Minnesota Extension educator emeritus in family resource management

Reviewed 2016 by Lori Hendrickson, Extension educator in family resiliency.

Reviewed in 2016

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