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4-H clover Meet the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassadors

For over 50 years, the Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador team has provided leadership and civic engagement to 4-H and their communities through service, promotion and education across the state. They are role models for other youth involved in Minnesota 4-H and are expected to be positive representatives of the Minnesota 4-H program. They represent a diverse group of 4-H projects and programs and are selected for a one-year term. Learn more about state ambassadors.



Hennepin County

Hi! I'm Afrah and I like to lead discussions and do presentations. I also like to greet people at public events.

4-H expertise: Gardening, theatre, science, photography and farming opportunities



Carlton County

Hi! I’m Aubrey and I love meeting new people and working in teams. I can speak in front of big groups and can lead small groups.

4-H expertise: Photography, flower gardening, consumer education, poultry, and beef

cari portrait


North St. Louis County

Hi, I’m Cari. I’ve been in 4-H for 12 years and love the project areas photography, exploring the environment, and animal science. My strengths as a state ambassador include any of the above areas, and anything communication!

4-H expertise: Youth Leadership, project bowl, dog obedience

dani portrait


Freeborn County

Hi, I'm Dani and I enjoy to work in groups and feel part of a team. I also like to speak in front of small groups and engage in conversations.

4-H expertise: Photography, day camp and shop

eileen portrait


Wright County

Hi! My name is Eileen and I like to speak & present in front of large groups. I also enjoy moderating discussions and sharing my opinions in small group settings.

4-H expertise: Sheep, clothing, residence camp, flower gardening, photography, CWF, National 4-H Conference

erin portrait


Chisago County

Hello!! I am Erin and I enjoy working with small groups to reach a decision. I also enjoy team bonding activities and teaching youth about different styles of leadership.

4-H expertise: Horse, photography, cooking, horse bowl, leadership camp

gillian portrait


Washington County

Hi I’m Gillian, I love working with small groups to build connections and create new relationships with youth and adults. Additionally some of my strengths are organization and planning which is why I also love working with my fellow Ambassadors and advisors to plan and organize the events we lead.

4-H expertise: Horses, goats, citizenship, global connections, photography

Ifrah portrait


Hennepin County

Hello, I’m Ifrah and I like to volunteer in my community with my 4-H club. I’m a group leader and a listener. I also believe in teamwork and making sure everyone’s voices are heard.

4-H expertise: Agriculture, camp counselor, crafts and fine arts, photography

jess portrait


South St. Louis County

Hey, I'm Jess and I enjoy working in small groups or one-on-one with someone. I thrive in a casual and relaxed atmosphere and I love doing things that have a larger purpose behind them.

4-H expertise: Horse, performing arts, food (specifically baking), photography, county fair

Jessica portrait


Renville County

Hi everyone! I am Jessica and I like to facilitate small group conversations, help other youth find their passion and work as a team player. I enjoy mentoring the new youth of the 4-H program and showing them all this amazing program is continually offering.

4-H expertise: CWF, day camps, rabbits, crafts and fine arts, project bowl

John portrait


Roseau County

Hi, my name is John and I love cattle. I like to work in small groups and teams to solve problems.

4-H expertise: Beef, food and nutrition (preservatives), livestock demonstrations

kate portrait


Dakota County

Hi! My name is Kate and I like to lead both large and small groups. I also like to help plan out events and activities.

4-H expertise: Computer science (coding), photography, exploring animals and crafts and fine arts

katelyn portrait


Itasca County

Hi! I'm Katelyn, I like to speak in public about my passions and lead large group activities!

4-H expertise: Showing livestock, project bowl, Science of Agriculture Challenge, photography

khalid portrait


Hennepin County

Hey! My name is Khalid, and I like to lead medium-sized groups, especially if it’s in a facilitator role. I also like working in smaller teams, speaking to mid-sized crowds and setting up spaces for events.

4-H expertise: Youth leadership, computers and coding, global connections

liz portrait


Martin County

Hi! My name is Liz and I love to meet new people and work with others. I like to lead groups and I enjoy public speaking. I am happy sharing responsibilities with teammates and learning more about how to enhance my leadership skills.

4-H expertise: Rabbits, consumer education, veterinary science, health science

macy portrait


Olmsted County

Hello, my name is Macy and I like being able to make and impact on other people's lives. I also love leading small and large group activities and discussions.

4-H expertise: Day camp, quilting, home environment, photography, clothes you make

mariah portrait


Redwood County

4-H expertise: Camp Counseling, day camp, crafts and fine arts, citizenship, and youth leadership

mary portrait


Big Stone County

Hi, my name is Mary and I like working with kids of all ages. I also like working with the animal project, and the leadership area.

4-H expertise: Dairy, swine, llama, citizenship, and leadership

Mckayla portrait


Isanti County

Hi! I am McKayla and I like to lead group workshops, lead discussions, and make speeches at events. I love anything to do with sharing my passion, which is for leadership and agriculture both of which combine in 4-H. I would love to come to your event!

4-H expertise: Beef, day camp, national trip, leadership opportunities, learning opportunities

megan portrait

Megan D.

Pine County

My name is Megan and I like to help the community! My favorite thing to do is helping the community with projects, seeing the impact of I did, and the seeing how people react to the impact.

4-H Expertise: Robotics, leadership, citizenship, shooting sports & wildlife, culinary arts

megan portrait

Megan S.

Rice County

Hello! My name is Megan and I love service learning and connecting with both youth and adults. I also enjoy planning and creating fun meaningful learning experiences.

4-H Expertise: Photography, Indoor gardening, clowning, youth leadership, service learning, beef

Michelle portrait


Murray County

Hi! I am Michelle, I like to speak in front of groups and participate in interviews. I also enjoy leading groups in activities.

4-H expertise: Beef, food review, performing Arts, flower gardening, and quilting

mollie portrait


Dodge County

Hello my name is Mollie! I like to lead small groups and love to public speak in front of many people. I love to solve problems among groups and accomplish many things.

4-H Expertise: Beef, goat, food & nutrition, day camp, crafts and fine arts

nolan portrait


Roseau County

Hello! I’m Nolan Hanson and I really like to lead large groups in discussion and activities, do public speaking at events and showing youth what 4-H has to offer.

4-H expertise: National 4-H conference, shop, sewing, swine, small engines, photography

tamara portrait


Kittson County

Hello! My name is Tamara and I like to work with small groups or individuals and participate in discussions. I also enjoy working with a team to complete a task or reach a goal.

4-H expertise: Crafts and fine arts, 4-H interstate exchange, day camp, county fair, community pride

zoey portrait


Dakota County

My name is Zoey. I love brainstorming new ideas with fellow ambassadors. Also, I really enjoy getting the opportunity to talk with anyone about finding themselves in 4-H, anyone from youth to elected officials.

4-H expertise: Sheep, swine, home environment, child development, fine arts

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