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Nando-gikenimindwaa Nindinawemaaganidog: Getting to know all of creation

This 100-page book serves as a tool to help you become familiar with these forms of life: Water, Air, Fire, Rocks, Plants, Trees and the Animals.

Creating this book was inspired by the lack of materials and resources available for the youth and those wanting to learn and understand the life around us.

Download "Nando-gikenimindwaa Nindinawemaaganidog"

What you'll learn: table of contents   

Snapping turtle
  • Re-creation story 
  • The gift of Nibi (water) 
  • The gift of Ishkode (fire)
  • The Gift of Noodin (wind)
  • The Gift of Asiniig (Rocks)
  • The Gift of Anangoog (stars)
  • Water Lily Story
  • Leech Lake Watersheds
  • The Meeting Place
  • Leech Lake Reservation
  • Turtle Story
  • Turtle Calendar
  • Ethical Research
  • Mitigoog (trees)
  • Plants
  • Flyers
  • Crawlers
  • Walkers
  • Swimmers
  • Mawinzowin (Harvesting Berries) & Berry Calendar
  • Zhaaganaashiimowin (English Glossary)
  • Ojibwemowin (Ojibwe Glossary)
  • Recipes
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