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Episode 19: Engaged with nature

Engaged citizens aren't just the ones who run for office. Sometimes they're the ones out hunting invasive weeds. That's the case for Dana Boyle, Stephanie Wong, and John Woodworth who share the common bond of caring about the Tamarack Nature Preserve.

Hear their story of engaging the public sector and other citizens to protect and promote this hidden gem in Woodbury, MN.

A lot of people are working full time. We don't see each other that much as neighbors. This is an opportunity for people to just get to know each other as neighbors. It draws people together around something that's a common good.

— Dana Boyle


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Episode host(s)

  • Christy Kallevig, Extension educator
    University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Community Vitality


  • Tamarack Nature Preserve volunteer members: Dana Boyle, Stephanie Wong and John Woodworth


  • Use the Community Vitality page as your go-to resource for help in your community work.
  • Learn more about the Tamarack Nature Preserve and events that are occurring there by visiting their website.
  • Get more details on the Minnesota Master Naturalist program about providing stewardship to Minnesota’s natural resources.

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