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Episode 06: Minnesota's workforce

Turning workforce challenges into opportunities

Laura Kalambokidis, Ph. D.

There are challenges with Minnesota's workforce. We hear about them every day. Baby boomers are retiring. The workforce is shrinking. Immigrants add workers, but there is no clear path to an effective immigration policy. There are mismatches between where the jobs are and where the people are.

The good news is that these challenges have brought out one of Minnesota's greatest strengths, ingenuity. Laura Kalambokidis, Extension Economist and Minnesota State Economist, is back as we finish our discussion about workforce challenges and opportunities in Minnesota.


Episode host(s)

  • Christy Kallevig, Extension educator
    University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Community Vitality


  • Laura Kalambokidis, Ph. D.
    • Extension Economist, Professor of Applied Economics
      University of Minnesota
    • Minnesota State Economist
      Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB)

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Read this episode's conversation below.


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