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Episode 04: ReGen

Growing social roots


People choose to live in communities for a number of reasons, and they choose to stay for a variety of reasons. Our Vital Connections On Air guests say it is often the social roots—the connections that are made to others in a community—that keep people in Northeast Minnesota. Social roots, however, need to be developed and nurtured.

ReGen is an Iron Range organization that actively works to grow the social roots of people who live in Iron Range communities. ReGen connects residents to each other and to organizations and artists in the area. They also educate residents about changes and issues the Iron Range needs to address to face the future.

Hear from ReGen members Char Conger, Jessalyn Sabin, and Desiree Yourczek as they share how they joined ReGen and became the people they'd been in other communities as Iron Rangers.


Episode host(s)

  • Christy Kallevig, Extension educator
    University of Minnesota Extension, Center for Community Vitality


  • Members of ReGen – Char Conger, Jessalyn Sabin, Desiree Yourczek


  • Use the Community Vitality page as your go-to resource for help in your community work.
  • Learn more about ReGen by following them on Facebook to hear about upcoming events.

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Read this episode's conversation below.


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