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Each year the University of Minnesota Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP) support community-driven projects in our four focus areas. These projects foster innovation, deepen understanding and build relationships that empower Greater Minnesota communities to advance their future sustainability.

We support approximately 125-150 projects around the state in any given year. All of our projects connect community partners and ideas to University of Minnesota resources. In many cases, we link projects to students and faculty who can work with partners to shape and carry out their project vision. We work in partnership with communities, bringing together diverse teams who collaborate through the life of a project.

Community projects are reviewed and approved by our five regional boards. We also conduct food systems and clean energy work on a statewide basis. Learn more about how we work.

By the numbers 2023

In fiscal year 2023, RSDP:

  • Supported 133 place-based innovations across Minnesota.
  • Engaged 334 community partners and 126 university partners.
  • Supported projects in 88 cities, towns and Native nations.
  • Developed research reports that were downloaded more than 24,000 times.
  • Engaged 49 university students in working with communities.
  • Supported communities with 17,389 volunteer hours contributed by board, work group members and project partners.
  • Helped Minnesotans save or offset 108.8 billion BTUs of energy through the work of the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs). This is enough to power a 13-watt LED light bulb in every one of Minnesota’s 2.2 million homes. (2022 Federal Reporting)

RSDP Fiscal Year 2023 Facts and Figures

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