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4-H clover 4-H Engineering Design Project

drawing of connected gears

What you'll do

What problem do you want to solve -- Cook a hot dog with the sun? Make a car run on wind power? Communicate with birds? Design a solution and build it. Learn engineering design skills and you'll know how.


Levels of learning


Fairs and exhibits



The Engineering Design Process -A key way to learn about engineering design is to use the Engineering Design Process (EDP). The EDP is a cycle of individual steps that can be used in either a sequential order or a mixed order and be repeated as many times as needed. Applying the steps to creating solutions guides learning and provides a “roadmap” to the problem-solving process.

Cool videos

Paper bridges, gliders and more

Build your engineering design skills with these at-home activities.  

Future study and careers

You could study engineering. There are different kinds of engineers -- electrical, civil, mechanical and biosystems engineering, to name a few.

You could study design products, clothing, landscapes, building interiors and more.

If it wasn't designed by mother nature, it was probably designed by a designer or an engineer. They dream up and make possible most objects we use in modern life. 

Reviewed in 2018

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